Currently Mountain Man Medical is dealing with unprecedented supply chain challenges. COVID 19 wreaked havoc on medical supplies and manufacturing as many products had significantly increased demand and that increased demand also impacted other medical products that rely on the same raw materials.

We started to see a recovery from those challenges at the beginning of 2022 but the recent Ukrainian conflict has impacted our business in even a more tremendous way than COVID 19 ever did. The United Nations and various US Government agencies are placing massive orders for emergency combat medical gear which is decimating the supply of those products here in the US.

What does this mean for Mountain Man Medical?

We continue to receive shipments from our suppliers for the products that make up the kits we sell, however, those shipments are often delayed. Instead of placing an order and receiving it 10 days later, it might be 30-45 days before we receive it.

In other circumstances, we are being rationed by our suppliers. Meaning we may order 5000 units of a given product but the supplier might edit our order down to only 2000 units in order to ration their supply and service all their customers.

Thus far our experience has been that products are still coming, and nothing is at a standstill, but most everything is delayed.

What does this mean for you?

When you shop on our website the currently available inventory status shows what we have on hand available for purchase at that very moment. Our inventory system is state of the art and highly reliable. If it says we have it in stock we do. However, you will find during this time that many kits and products will show "Available on Backorder." That is indicative that we are currently out of stock on that product or in the case of a kit that we are currently out of stock of one or more of the components that make up that kit.

We encourage you to still consider placing your order even if the product is marked as "Available for Backorder." For one, our business will struggle to survive if we effectively stop taking orders during this supply chain nightmare and we appreciate you supporting us even if it means delays in you getting your product.

You should know that all orders are shipped in the order received. The sooner you place your order the sooner you will receive your order as those components become available.

How long will you have to wait?

Of course, there is no sure guarantee but right now we are not seeing any order aging in our system beyond about 6 weeks and most are shipping in 10 days or less. Put differently, if you order a product that is "Available on Backorder" that backorder might only last through the weekend until we get resupplied. Worst case scenario you could be waiting a number of weeks but this would be an outlier and something we are working hard to mitigate.

If you can't wait or for any reason choose not to wait you can contact us and request that your order be canceled and refunded and we will do so.


In circumstances where we know there is a significant delay on a given component that makes up a kit that you have ordered, we will attempt to substitute that component with a comparable product of similar or greater value and quality.

Where possible we are communicating those substitutions on product pages so you will be aware in advance of placing your order.

Thank you for your business and your patience as we work through these challenges.