The Wind River Trauma and First-Aid Kit

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The Wind River Kit is named for the Wind River mountain range and the Wind River which is part of the Bighorn river system in Wyoming. A lesser-known but historically significant mountain range and river used by the trappers and mountain men of the 1800s.

The Wind River Kit is designed for someone who may need to treat multiple casualties or maybe further away from traditional EMS and medical services. The Wind River is ideal for:

  • Firearm Instructors
  • Gun Ranges
  • A comprehensive trauma and first aid kit to keep in a vehicle
  • Law Enforcement Patrol Officers
  • Small venues such as small churches, retail operations, small businesses, warehouses, etc.

*Please note there have been several component changes and upgrades since the above picture was taken. Please reference the below list for an accurate and up-to-date list of components.

Contents Include:

Kit Weight: 2lbs 8oz

Additional information

Weight 40.3 oz
Dimensions 21 × 15 × 11 cm

15 reviews for The Wind River Trauma and First-Aid Kit

  1. David Yatczak (verified owner)

    Well thankfully I haven’t had to use it yet😀. My wife said I spent an awe full lot of money for it, but I told her you can’t put a price on safety. We do a lot of hiking and I go to my local shooting range a lot. And it’s like everything else concerning life saving equipment; I’d rather have it and not need it then to need it and not have it. I think it’s a great product, thank you.

  2. RULEN B DALEY (verified owner)

    Just what I was looking for! Hope to never need it but comforting to know I have it.

  3. Kevin Brown (verified owner)

    Great product! All the things you need in case of an emergency. Great company!

  4. Fred (verified owner)

    Just what we needed for our church,we only bandaids.

  5. John (verified owner)

    great product and it’s packed in the back in such an organized, logical way, and the MMM staff were amazing as always – thank you!

  6. J.R. Nolen (verified owner)

    Great stuff to have. Hopefully I never will need to use it.

  7. Evan (verified owner)

    It seems like a good kit, with the right items for more serious injuries. This isn’t your typical sporting goods store boo-boo kit. I do have two complaints, though. It took a long time to receive, and when I asked about the ETA, the response I got was pretty snarky. The kit also arrived without the trauma shears, though they are clearly listed on the advertised list of contents and shown in the photo. Overall, it seems like a decent product, but the quality control and customer service could use a bit of polish.

    • Jacob Paulsen

      Evan, sorry about your experience. Shears are on the way.

  8. BC (verified owner)

    A very comprehensive medical kit in a small package. I purchased one for my range training bag & a second for my vehicle. Lets hope I never need to use 1/2 of what is in this bag but with a quality medical kit thats covers a wide variety of possible scenarios, I am glad I have this available in case of an emergency.

  9. Michael (verified owner)

    Perfect size, everything i need! And good price also!

  10. Duane Willis (verified owner)

    This is a great kit!!. I purchased the Wind River, since I’m on my Church Security team. It fits perfect in my Bronco Security draw.

    I had to use it today, when going to a local restaurant. A older gentleman had fallen and had multiple gashes to the face and hand. He had a lot of bleeding and I was able to use the Triangular Bandage to apply pressure until EMT arrived.

    I plan to watch the online training Videos. I also hope that you will be presenting at the 2023 Guardian Conference. I had a friend attend the 2022 conference and said it was a Class on the top of the list to attend.

  11. Michael Druhl (verified owner)

    I received this kit as expected. No issues and the contents look like what I need to keep in my vehicle as an active duty military member who wants to stay prepared.

  12. Gail Bloyd (verified owner)

    Haven’t had a chance to go through it thoroughly since recently receiving it, but it seems to be a very well thought-out and assembled kit. Hoping that I never need to use it, but the free training provided with the order of the kit was very helpful.

  13. Pastor Mike Ferry (verified owner)

    It was worth the wait to receive this kit. We use it in our church sanctuary. It is centrally located to assist our security team as well as the independent school we host as well.

  14. Steven C. Morreale, M.D./M.P.H. (verified owner)

    excellent high quality kit!

  15. Bob Bergstrom (verified owner)

    High quality kit; Supply chain issues slowed things down, but worth the wait to get this quality.

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