Brian McLaughlin - Director of Training


Brian is a veteran of the War on Terror and has seen combat alongside Marines in Afghanistan. He cut his teeth on trauma with his first duty station as an ER Technician and has attended and passed qualifications for EMT as both a civilian and active-duty military.

He has attended multiple Combat Trauma Medicine courses and instructed Combat Life Saver for Marines and junior corpsmen.

After leaving the military as an HM2 (FMF), he worked for as a security consultant for faith-based organizations and led force-on-force active shooter drills including trauma management.

Brian is a certified Stop The Bleed Instructor.

Today Brian spends his days organizing and leading training for Mountain Man medical as it's Director of Training.

He is currently scheduled at many events around the US to provide training on emergency trauma.

Brian believes in the philosophy of a well rounded warrior, who commits themselves to studying the many varied disciplines of combat. Medical of course being one of those.

He can often be found in the gym in the very early morning hours, and from time to time he enjoys shooting in tactical competitions like IPSC, IDPA and 3 Gun.

Brian is working on his BA in Creative writing at CU Denver and herding his 3 small and savage sons.

Annually you can find Brian providing trauma medical training at these prominent events:

The Guardian Conference

ASP Bibles & Bullets Conference

A Girl & A Gun National Conference

USCCA Concealed Carry Expo

Brian Has Worked With These Organizations to Develop and Provide Combat Trauma Training:

active self protection
ids Todd Fossey

Brian Has Been A Featured Subject Matter Expert On The Following Shows and Programs:

American Warrior Society Medical
ASP Podcast
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graham baates
behind the service podcast about trauma medicine
warrior life podcast on trauma medical