BIG ASP Trauma Kit

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Introducing the Active Self Protection BIG Trauma Kit. This kit was built out by John Correia and the rest of the team at Active Self Protection.

John is an industry expert on the analysis of gunfights having studied over 30,000 of them. As a dedicated student and sought out instructor John and his team has assembled this trauma kit using the highest quality name-brand components available on the market today.

**This kit is intended for ideal use in a vehicle, for an outdoor adventure, for small public venues such as churches, for emergency staging in a home, etc.

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First, the kit includes the Ready Up Gear Osprey Tactical Molle Pouch. Designed to be attached via molle or staged in a bag, vehicle, or as needed, the Osprey is a large heavy-duty nylon bag. The pouch also has a strong Hook/Loop receiving zone on the front of the bag and comes with a Red-Cross standard medical patch and the signature ASP patch.

2x Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT) from North American Rescue. The patented C-A-T is a true one-handed tourniquet proven to be 100% effective by the U.S. Army's Institute of Surgical Research. Tests proved that the C-A-T completely occluded blood flow of an extremity in the event of a traumatic wound with significant hemorrhage. The current TQ of choice by the US Military and among the most used and recognized tourniquets in the world. Your kit will include 2.

1x 4″ OLAES Hemostatic Bandage. The OLAES® Hemostatic Bandage combines the globally recognized OLAES® Modular Bandage with battle-tested HemCon® ChitoGauze® PRO to create the most comprehensive trauma bandage for multiple injury profiles. Both proven life-saving devices are now together in a single, easily accessible package to increase any level of pre-hospital care provider’s treatment capabilities while reducing application times and saving space in your kit.

4 Pairs of Blue Nitrile Gloves. These are durable, non-allergenic, heavy-duty nitrile gloves designed to be easy to pack and fast to deploy. These are size Large, designed to fit an overwhelming majority of American adults.

1 Pair of full-size orange handle trauma shears. Made with quality in mind these shears have been tested to ensure they will hold up to critical medical incidents and trauma. Sharp shears and can cut various hard objects. 7.5 inch long, stainless steel blades with milled serrations, injection-molded handles and steel-reinforced carabiner make these the best quality EMT shears. Durable, Fluoride-coated non-stick surface with high-impact handles made to last for years.

2x North American Rescue Hyfin Compact Chest Seals. Designed with 3-vented channels that allow air to escape the chest cavity during exhalation but prevent air from entering through the injury site during inhalation. Each HyFin Vent Compact Chest Seal is 4.75” x 4.75” and made with advanced adhesive to provide a superior adhesion in the most adverse conditions, including sweaty or hairy casualties.

1 ChitoGauze (3″ x 4yd Z-Fold). HemCon® ChitoGauze® XR PRO is a revolutionary hemostatic dressing for the external, temporary control of severely bleeding wounds. This dressing features a polyester/rayon blend non-woven medical gauze that is coated with chitosan. It is Z-folded and packaged in a vacuum-sealed pouch that is compact, rugged and features Red-Tip Technology®.

1x Mini Black marker. For use in taking notes during a critical incident, marking time on a tourniquet, etc. Permanent ink writes on paper, plastic, metal, skin, fabric, and most other surfaces. Smear resistant ink dries quickly and resists fading and water.

1x TacMed Compact Trauma Bandage. The CTB is a simple, effective pressure dressing designed to treat non-life-threatening hemorrhaging. It utilizes an elastic wrap material that can be used to generate pressure and a sterile wound pad that can be placed directly over the injury to aid in the control of bleeding. The bandage is flat-folded and vacuum-sealed to create a low profile so it can be easily stored.

1x Rescue Blanket. This survival blanket is especially low-weight and low bulk. It is made if heat-reflective thin plastic sheeting. The design reduces heat loss in the body which makes them fantastic for emergency situations.

1x Elastic Bandage with Hook/Loop Self-Closure. High-quality elastic bandage with convenient hook and loop self-closure so you can easily self apply without trying to use clips or other common systems. Made from a cotton / polyester knit construction for moderate compression treatment.

1x Compressed Krinkle Gauze from Dynarex. Made of pre-washed, fluff-dried woven gauze that is soft and absorbent. Folded and compressed this bandage will expand to cover a large area or wound. Single-use, sterile gauze dressing measures 4.5 inches by 4.1 yards when open and unfolded. The compressed size is 2 5/8 x 2 1/8 inches.

1x Cravat (Triangle Bandage). The triangular bandage (cravat) is ideal for splinting, outer layer wound bandaging, etc. Bandage measures 36″ x 36″ x 51″. Individually packaged. Each bandage includes 2 safety pins. A basic first aid bandage that can be used as a sling for shoulder and arm injuries. Also effective as a pressure dressing or wrap to hold dressings in place.

2x Instant Cold Pack (Non-Toxic). These Dynarex Cold Packs are flexible and conform to the contours of the body, activating with a single squeeze. These Cold Pack provide instant cold therapy for minor injuries, making them ideal for first aid kits, sporting events, schools, and home use.

1x Self-Adhesive Bandage Wrap. Dynarex Sensi-Wrap Bandages are lightweight bandages that are self-adherent that can easily be torn without scissors. These Sensi-Wrap Bandages stick to itself, but not to other materials or skin.

A basic assortment of first aid items to include 4 packets of burn cream, 4 packets of triple antibiotic ointment, Tweezers, 10 adhesive bandages (compare to Band-Aids).

*Note: Kit ships unassembled so the customer can pack the pouch as desired.

Additional information

Weight 38 oz
Dimensions 21 × 15 × 11 cm

10 reviews for BIG ASP Trauma Kit

  1. Elly (verified owner)

    Great trauma kit! It has everything you need. This kit allows you to keep all the essentials with you at all times.

  2. Tom Boyd (verified owner)

    Looks good so far! Thankfully I haven’t used anything from the kit. It has everything I need as a former medic to help stop a traumatic bleeding injury.

  3. Motz (verified owner)

    It is well stocked. I like the full-sized shears with quick clip to hang on belt when in a hurry. I strapped the (unwrapped) TQs to the outside for quick access and had plenty of room to add transpore tape, a couple sets of earplugs and a medical flashlight to the supplies. Am looking forward to purchasing a second to duplicate the setup in my other vehicle.

  4. Ruel Gerred (verified owner)

    Took so long to arrive I honestly forgot about it. Understand as much it was ordered near the start of Ukraine. Has everything I was looking for in a range medical kit. High quality as usual from mm and asp collaborations, I have the asp ankle kit as well. Worth the wait for high quality long lasting gear.

    • Jacob Paulsen

      Thank you for your patience Ruel.

  5. Chris (verified owner)

    Really very nice kit. Has everything I think I would need in a crisis. I’ll be recommending it to others. I’m also really happy that my purchase will lend a little help to families of first responders as well. Thanks!

  6. Xavier G (verified owner)

    Absolutely badass! Everything included came within, nothing missing. I ordered my kit backordered, knowing it could take 6-8 weeks to arrive … I got it by week 3! I have had it strapped to my backpack ever since I got it. Does not weigh me down at all. Extremely light considering everything inside. Overall I’m extremely happy! Would definitely purchase more from this business!

  7. Kaleb (verified owner)

    Purchased this for a portable trauma kit to keep with me in a backpack. Everything is of high quality and is exactly what is advertise. The items included will allow me to treat multiple people in a casualty situation should the worst happen. I plan on purchasing another one to keep in my truck.

  8. Jacra (verified owner)

    Kit has everything I would need in emergency situations. Hopefully I don’t need it much but you never can be too prepared in Philly.

  9. Jacob B. (verified owner)

    I’m an EMT and this kit seems a bit bare bones… Especially for the price. It took a few weeks to arrive. Once it arrived I was dismayed to see one of the seems was torn out on my bag. I contacted support and waiting to hear back. Is this kit better than nothing, sure. Is it an astonishing value? Not in my opinion. You could certainly build one yourself for less if you are having trouble finding the money for this. Despite the name, “Big ASP trauma kit” (Read: Big A$$ trauma kit), it is really not all that big.

    • Jacob Paulsen

      Jacob, sorry to hear about your disappointment. You will hear back from our support and if you wanted to return the kit for a refund we would certainly facilitate that as well. The kit, like all our kits, costs less than the collective retail value of the components included. You couldn’t build out the same kit for less than what it costs. If you could find a kit with the same or equal value components for sale anywhere we will match the price or in your case refund the difference. That price match guarantee is a core part of our brand promise.

  10. Jacob B (verified owner)

    I received a damaged bag. I contacted you to receive a replacement bag, and ended up playing tag with customer service for weeks via email. Requesting pictures, telling me I did not send a picture, etc. I expected that for the price they would send me a new bag no problem. I explicitly stated I would not return my damaged bag and be inconvenienced by packing the product, driving and returning it, waiting weeks for my new pack to come, and hoping I don’t have to repeat the process. At this point, I’m so pissed off that I settled to keep my damaged bag instead of playing games with customer support (Jason Gibson). Incredibly disappointing, dissatisfied, and you would think that for a product struggling to get reviews, they would take the time to make things right with their customers. I hope in the future they learn to send people a replacement bag without demanding pictures of damages and then a return of the damaged bag in order to get a new one (especially with how slow customer support and shipping is). Or at the very least, not send customers bags with a torn out seem. I will never buy from this company again.

    • Jacob Paulsen

      Jacob, thank you for bringing this to my attention. We aren’t perfect but we do try hard to take care of our customers. As the owner of the business, I will be reviewing your correspondence with our team. Your replacement bag is on the way. I also sent you an email with my personal cell phone number should I be able to help in any other way.

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