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“Emergency Trauma Response” (ETR) is a comprehensive training program for anyone interested in being better prepared to deal with massive trauma.

Building off the popular “Stop The Bleed” program, ETR goes above and beyond to ensure the student has the practical knowledge to use popular products and gear and can manage 95% of major trauma emergencies.

The course is 100% FREE to anyone. It is completed online via video and the user responds to simple questions to ensure comprehension.

The course is split into these 13 modules:

  1. Trauma Medicine & Combat Mindset
  2. The Gear Of A Medic
  3. Vital Signs and Anatomy
  4. Intro to MARCH
  5. Massive Hemorrhage
  6. Airway
  7. Respirations
  8. Circulation
  9. Hypothermia and Head Trauma
  10. Reassessment
  11. Other Injury Types
  12. Practical Tourniquet Exercises & Improvised Solutions
  13. Your Role As A Medic

Your Instructor:

Brian McLaughlin is a veteran of the War on Terror and has seen combat alongside Marines in Afghanistan. He cut his teeth on trauma with his first duty station as an ER Technician and has attended and passed qualifications for EMT as both a civilian and active-duty Navy Corpsman. He has attended multiple Combat Trauma Medicine courses and instructed Combat Life Saver for Marines and junior Corpsman. After leaving the military as an HM2 (FMF), he worked as a security consultant for faith-based organizations and led force-on-force active shooter drills including trauma management.

53 reviews for Emergency Trauma Response Training Course

  1. Joel Ward (verified owner)

    Excellent training course! Can be completed on your own which is a real plus with covid distancing needs. No reason NOT to take the course and learn trauma response practices!



  3. Michael Miller (verified owner)

    Good evening,
    I just completed your Emergency Trauma Response Course – nice!!

    As a 15-year USAF Security Forces veteran, I really appreciate it when people “get it” – and Brian does.

    I am not a “facebook-kinda-guy” but I kinda wish I was, just to join your group – I have no doubt it is a good place with a lot of direct and useful info.

    I just wanted to say thank you for making this refresher course available and I’m looking forward to receiving the Sweetwater kit I ordered.

  4. Gwendolyn (verified owner)

    I absolutely appreciate this free course! It was very informative and helpful as well as very necessary for anyone to learn to save a life in a trauma emergency, while waiting for EMT, Paramec, etc.

  5. Richard Wagner (verified owner)

    Exactly what I have been looking for since I spend time at the range. I tried to get kit advice and basic training from emt friend with no results. Brian did a fantastic with presentation. Format was right on. Recommendations and comment on some of products is helpful. Will be ordering kits for range bag and truck as suggested. Hope I never need.

  6. Mike Holland (verified owner)

    Great training and presentation. I am a Safety Coordinator at my church as well as a coalition leader for the Oklahoma based FBSN coalition. We’ve done Stop the Bleed training several times and this is a great online addition to that training. Especially as a refresher for those who have done the hands on. I learned several things from the video I did not learn in Stop the Bleed.

    I sent it to all the Oklahoma Safety Coalitions members with my full endorsement. Thank you for doing this.

  7. Greg Lundberg (verified owner)

    I have taken a few courses…and this is one of the best…I mentioned to a couple people to look into it…thank you

  8. Robert (verified owner)

    Excellent follow up to the stop the bleed course that I took earlier this year.
    Good solid information presented in a simple affecive format. Brian is a very good instructor!

  9. Rick (verified owner)

    It has been several years since I took an in person tactical medicine course. The instructor I had was very good, but I knew I needed a more recent refresher. Years of conflict overseas has yielded constant upgrades to material. If you don’t stay up on these skills, they are perishable and you will forget important points. I went through the material once, and then watched it all again to take notes. This course was very thorough and I enjoyed the instructor’s style of teaching. I highly recommend this to any family and friends you can get to take it.

  10. Leo (verified owner)

    Excellent Video! Thank you! Everyone needs to watch this video!

  11. MICHAEL MORGAN (verified owner)

    WELL worth the time. I got my EMT certificate from the Baylor Nursing School (Dallas TX) in 1983. I never made a professional go at the trade, but the knowledge has come in handy in several emergency situations. This class is an excellent intro to the topic of trauma management in austere conditions, and it was a great refresher for me. I agree with the statement in the introduction video that this cannot replace hands-on training, but the hands-on class you take after watching this course will make a lot more sense, and you will be much more comfortable walking in the door.

  12. Andrew Newton (verified owner)

    A most excellent refresher course. I was overdue for one, and this course fit the bill perfectly.
    Keep it up.

  13. Lyn (verified owner)

    Highly recommend. Brian does not waste your time and gets right to the point leading you through step by step in how to save a life. As a veteran and former paramedic this program will show the required medical equipment and instill the confidence in using it.

  14. Rusty Merrill (verified owner)

    Course was a good addition to Stop the Bleed, and gave good information.
    Brian spoke very fast, and I was trying to take notes for future review, plus to pass the quizzes, so it was a bit stressful, but I did OK.
    Wish they had a handout or a book with all the information he covered, so I wouldn’t have to decipher my writing.
    Recommending course to my church medical team.

  15. Don Strewart

    Very good course. My last training was three years ago and this course gave me new information on trauma treatment and supplies. Well worth the time and I highly recommend it.

  16. Dannielle (verified owner)

    This course was very well put together! A great refresher course, or a great starter course for anyone wanting to advantage their skills. Highly recommend!

  17. Lloyd Reese (verified owner)

    It needs help. I already supplied some comments to the guy who seems to write most of the content on this website.
    First, I could not get beyond the first lesson since I didn’t know what question I was getting wrong.

    Second, I believe it was in the 3rd question the preferred answer is not right.
    In my suburban location with good EMS service, I’ll wait for them to respond and transport the chain saw injured guy to the ER. If I’m in the national forest, and run across a guy who suffered the same injury,I’ll transport him to a location where I can get a cell signal, call 9-1-1-, and then take him where we can meet an EMS unit.

    Since I could not get beyond the first lesson, I can’t comment on the rest of it.

    • Admin

      Lloyd thank you for your feedback. It is the intent of the quiz that you rewatch the content in order to figure out the answers to the questions if you get them wrong. Each question is very specifically drawn from the videos. You may be referring to one of 2 different questions. The first of which asks, “As a First-Responder to a Medical Incident, Your Goal is to” and then you are provided with 3 options. 1: Do Nothing, Providing Any Assistance Should Be Left Only to Doctors and Surgeons. 2: Diagnose, treat and cure the injured person. 3: Stabilize The Patient Long Enough to be Seen by A Trauma Surgeon. Of those 3 options #3 is the best choice. The other question you may be referring to states: The Two Important Tasks of Trauma Medicine are: and includes the instructions “Please select TWO from the following options.” The options are as follows: Keep the Patient Alive. Get the Patient to the Hospital As Quickly As Possible. Make the Patient Comfortable. Investigate How the Patient Was Injuried. In reading your comment about response in different situations based on the distance from cell service or EMTs I’m not sure how that would change the correct answers to either of those questions. I hope you can send us more specific feedback so we can better address your concerns. Please consider using the Contact page above to do so.

  18. Peter S (verified owner)

    Really good course with clear instructions. Multiple answers in some questions.
    Strongly recommend MMM for this free, online training for personal development.
    Be safe!

  19. John Converse (verified owner)

    While video cannot replace hands-on training, this course offered a good overview of response to life-threatening medical emergencies. I recommended this as a review review for campus public safety officers during the college’s pandemic shutdown.

  20. John Hernandez (verified owner)

    Great training for the new student and the ol grizzled vet. Thanks so much for providing this training.

  21. Jan Holmqvist (verified owner)

    Very good course. I have an combat medic course from the Swedish army, and your course was a really good repetition and reminder.

  22. Lisa (verified owner)

    Recommending everyone in my group get this traning…my husband and I own a medical clinic and we both took something away from this training.

  23. EARL HARRIS (verified owner)

    Excellent Course- Thanks Mountainmanmedical.

    • Brian McLaughlin

      You’re welcome! Thanks for taking the course.

  24. Shirley Wainer (verified owner)

    Excellent presentation and content. Thank you very much, I shall certainly recommend to friends and family.

  25. John Seifert (verified owner)

    Very informative,WELL WORTH, your time!

  26. John Harding (verified owner)

    This course is excellent . . . Since there are no “Stop the Bleed” classes in my area, this course is the best alternative. I’ve completed it twice now and will continue to review it on a regular basis because I learn (or retain) something new each time. I’ve ordered several Kits from the website because I trust Brian and know that the quality of the products will be excellent, just like the presentation. This course has given me a lot of confidence that I’ll know how to treat an injured person, even though the training is online. Great job!!

  27. Brandon Franke (verified owner)

    Very informative class. highly recommended.

  28. john kelmell (verified owner)

    The course is full of excellent information. I learned a lot and just need to get some hands on training.

  29. Jim Smith (verified owner)

    I completely enjoyed the class, it was both complete and easy to understand. I enjoyed the teaching style and the content. Thank you for a great product that left me wanting more.

  30. Luke Ptacek (verified owner)

    As someone who completed the course, I couldn’t recommend it enough. If you think this course doesn’t apply to you, you’re wrong. This is information you can use no matter what your daily life looks like.

  31. Jim (verified owner)

    Well done and elegant in it’s simplicity & practicality. The blood volume loss depiction was clever and useful. My primary objection is the depiction of the Improvised Tourniquet segment. It’s width did not have congruence with the dialog: it simply seemed too narrow. And I was surprised that common tee-shirt wasn’t used. But that’s it! You did a fine job on this class and it’s well worth a person’s time to take it.

  32. Jame Shaw (verified owner)

    Outstanding overview course! I’ve had several hands-on TCCC/MARCH classes w/scenarios and this course condenses a lot of what was in those courses into bite-sized nuggets that are easy to understand and remember. Thanx to Condealedcarry.com, Mountain Man Medical, and especially Brian for presenting.

  33. kit

    the videos and questions and timings don’t seem to always match up with each other on the concealed carry website and pain management video is completely gone with reassessment video under pain management module and so on

    • Admin

      Kit, sorry about your experience. We’ve tried to replicate the issues you are describing and are unable to do so. If willing it would be helpful if you could email support @ mountainmanmedical dot com and let us know what questions don’t match up as well.

  34. The Crimson Pirate (verified owner)

    Great course. An excellent free online beginning to anyone interested in more advanced 1st aid. It is good that you also link to the free in person stop the bleed course.

  35. Trey Polhemus (verified owner)

    Very well put together. Thank you for this!

  36. RC (verified owner)

    Hey this course should be taken by more people. I enjoyed it and learned a lot. Trying to get prepared to be prepared.

  37. Jeff Holt (verified owner)

    I have been to two in person courses, and needed a refresher. Some of the lessons/quiz’ were more challenging than I anticipated and had to go back and watch, which is the point – my plan is to review every year – thanks for supplying this online course!

  38. Ayed (verified owner)


  39. Kimberly Sumaray (verified owner)

    Excellent course! Thank you!

    • Brian McLaughlin

      You’re welcome! Hope it helps.

  40. Chris Brown (verified owner)

    Excellent Class. I’ve worked construction for almost 40 years and we are required to keep 1st aide and CPR up to date, with the availability of some pretty serious accidents on construction sites I feel this helps me get 1 step above just the ordinary CPR & 1st aide. I ordered a trauma kit and keep one in my work truck. I liked it so much I ordered a 2nd for my POV. Thanks for the class and I will be looking forward to more classes in the future. Be safe.

  41. Steven (verified owner)

    Good course, in line with in person trama and wilderness courses I have taken. Well worth taking and reviewing.

  42. Kent Wilson (verified owner)

    This course is presented in an easy to follow format. Coming from a career of healthcare, I recommend this course to everyone interested in doing their part in an emergency trauma situation.

  43. Jesus gránola

    Having had extensive state parks training in “1st Aid” and CPR….
    southern California or northern California
    I’d like to fly out to find a class available
    Stop The Bleed please
    ….. SLC or Portland Metro
    ¿ el Paso ?

    • Admin

      Jesus I recommend checking stopthebleed dot org for classes that are available in your area.

  44. Tony (verified owner)

    Fantastic online course Brian and team.

    Well done – impressive detail and just like on your videos – incredibly informative.

    Even if you have done a similar or more detailed course – this is well worth doing as a refresher.

  45. Sophie (verified owner)

    As an LPN I was never really trained for ‘trauma’ nursing, this course was excellent, and really helped me know what to do in trauma situations. You don’t have to have any medical training—anyone can do this, and should learn.
    Thank you very much!

  46. Coors Tom (verified owner)

    Highly recommended- Brian does a excellent job and his additional explanations make the training more enlightening- not just how but why !!

  47. Pat Martin (verified owner)

    Impressive curriculum as a refresher for students with some professional training already under their belt. I found it to be very helpful as a way to learn what is current and have it explained by a field experienced medic added to my depth of understanding. I am glad I found this training and would recommend it to any of my co-workers. Thank you for making this course available – well done!

  48. Anna Miller (verified owner)

    Great having traing course on DVD so we can watch it anytime. Very informative and great to refresh often. GREAT JOB!!! THANK YOU!

  49. James Dickey (verified owner)

    A good course in an easy to understand format. And it’s free. Why would you not? Highly recommended!

  50. Dave

    This is a very good course. I completed it right before I took a Stop The Bleed class. This online course had much more information than the class did. I am recommending this to all the Range Safety Officers at my range.

  51. Serenity (verified owner)

    It’s been decades since I had a trauma kit. This was very informative and quite updated from when I last had a trauma course. It gave enough information that I should be able to use the tools in an emergency. They recommend a hands on course, which I have been looking for, but overall this is a good mediary demonstration for all practical purposes. I appreciate they have this course for in the meantime. Thank you so much!!!

  52. Isaiah (verified owner)

    If you own a firearm, you should take this course. 100% free, phenomenal info that will bring an extra level of safety and comfort carrying a weapon, and create a level headedness interacting with an emergency medical situation.

  53. Andrea Balzarini (verified owner)

    All the topics are very well explained and clear. Visualizing the examples increases memory retention. This course is super valuable for any person willing to help or even try to save a life after accidents. Well done! Thank you!

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