Is Trauma EDC Possible? The Ankle IFAK Review

Time is everything and the closer your trauma kit is, the more likely you will make the difference. It's hard to have a kit on you, and it's definitely not for everyone. But this is the best method I've found for keeping a TQ and other essential life saving gear on you, but concealed so you don't look like a weirdo…

Tactical Mechanical Tourniquet (TMT) Review

Mountain Man Medical

The Wilderness

Ankle IFAK

Mountain Ankle IFAK Trauma Kit

SOF-T Wide

Tactical Mechanical Tourniquet (TMT)

TMT™ Tourniquet

Twin Pack Hyfin vented Chest Seals

HyFin Vent Compact Chest Seal Twin Pack


ChitoGauze XR PRO Dressing 3in x 4yrd

Trauma Shears

Medical Compact Trauma Shears – 2 Pack



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