Pressure Dressing Vs. Tourniquet BONUS: True Facts About Gauze

If you've never, not even once in your life thought about Gauze, you aren't alone, but you ARE in luck. Lucky you.

It always surprises me how in depth you can get into a topic as seemingly simple as gauze. But here I go anyway…

Here's what I want you to take away from this video:

Pressure Dressings vs. Tourniquets
1. If you are at all worried the casualty could die from a severely bleeding extremity, use a TQ.

2. If you are concerned, but don't think the casualty is going to die, use a pressure dressing.

3. If the pressure dressing doesn't seem to be working (blood is soaking through the bandage), apply a TQ, while leaving the pressure dressing in place.

4. Standard protocol for QuikClot is to apply direct pressure (with your hand) over the wound for at least 3 minutes to ensure clotting. I think this is a good idea regardless if QuikClot is used.

5. Never remove the gauze after it's been packed into the wound. Let the surgeon do that. You run the risk of pulling out the clot that is keeping the artery sealed off.

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