The Guardian Nation Conference Coming Soon! (Sept. 16-19th)

The 2nd annual Guardian Conference is kicking off this year in September with quality training by seasoned instructors. Learn from industry leaders in firearms, hand-to-hand combatives, and legal issues with names like Riley Bowman, AJ Zito, Grey Beard Actual, Andrew Branca, Brian Eastridge, and Todd Fossey.

This year is shaping up to be even better with many of the previous instructors returning, and a few new names to the list.

My class is dedicated to helping concealed carriers use trauma medicine in a hostile environment.

The conference website, with all the info you need to make travel arrangements can be found by clicking HERE.



Title: Trauma Medicine in a Hostile Environment


If you’re going to learn the skills to punch holes in people, you need the skills to patch holes. This class is intended for anyone who is interested in the basics of trauma management in a high threat environment. Combat is a multi-faceted endeavor which involves many disciplines including trauma medicine, a skill that extends outside the normal self-defense encounter to countless other forms of emergencies.

Learn how to properly apply tourniquets, chest seals, and other life-saving tools while in a hostile area and manage a casualty until EMS and/or law enforcement arrives, and how to improvise if you have no medical gear available.

Finish the course with a Stop the Bleed certificate and the skills to save a life.

This class will use dry weapons made safe with a BarrelBlok (provided) for the weapon manipulation portion of the class, so your personal weapon is part of the gear list. Include all other range items you may normally bring including:

  1. All PPE
  2. Camp chair for the lecture portion of the class
  3. Water
  4. Sunscreen

Check out the Guardian Conference website to learn more.

Below is a list of all attending instructors:

Chuck Haggard

The Opposite of the Carbine (and other Shenanigans) with Chuck Haggard | Breach Bang Clear

Mickey Schuch

Free Private Workshop - Self Defense & Firearm Training - Carry Trainer

Riley Bowman

Matt Little


Wayne Dobbs

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Todd Fossey


Bryan Eastridge


bryan eastridge

Andrew Branca


Law of Self Defense Live Online April 25 Recorded Class – Law of Self Defense

Samuel Middlebrook

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AJ Zito



Melody Lauer

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J. Johnston

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Gary Eastridge

Rob High

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