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A Successful GN Conference

Success! The first annual Guardian Nation Conference was a big win. For me personally, it was the chance to shake off the rust and do some teaching.

This conference was the first time I’ve taught tactical medicine in a few years and getting back into the saddle was surprisingly easy. Since is this conference being the expansion of defensive shooting skills, I put together a class of some of the essential things that should be considered by a citizen carrying a concealed weapon.

Tactical medicine was how I earned my dinner for several years and it’s my favorite extension of medicine. So, I was excited to give my perspective on civilian CCW Tactical Medicine.

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Come Train Live with Mountain Man Medical!

Live Training with Mountain Man Medical at the Guardian Conference, Presented by CCW Safe

After a year of lost training due to Covid shutdowns, it’s time to get back to picking up new skills or brushing up on old ones.

The month of September is full of live training! Learning about trauma techniques from the internet is better than nothing, but it doesn’t beat in-person training – Ask questions and practice procedures, so you can confidently save a life when it matters most.

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Come See the Mountain Man Live!

If you've ever had a question you wanted to ask but never had the opportunity, this is you chance to ask some of the most experienced in the field of combat and defensive shooting.

Mountain Man Medical is excited to be invited to the first annual Guardian Conference! 3 days of live instruction from some of the nation’s top combat and shooting instructors.

Come together with the community of defensive minded shooters and be trained by the best:

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Backorders and COVID-19 Status For Mountain Man Medical

This has been a trying time for us at MMM. Our product launch in February was widely successful (like 3x what we expected), but since then we've been fighting to get the inventory we need to make and ship the Trauma Kits sold.

As you know one of our core beliefs is that we don't reinvent the wheel. Our kits are comprised of name-brand components by trusted and proven companies such as QuikClot, North American Rescue, H&H Medical, and Dynarex. Most of these companies are experiencing tremendous impact from the current COVID-19 pandemic. (Example News Story)

When I say “impact” I refer to all of the following:

  • A tremendous increase in interest and order volume (Especially true of Dynarex but true of all medical suppliers)
  • An inability to keep up with manufacturing and or order fulfillment due to orders to send employees home or decrease the number of people who can work in the same space at the same time.
  • A challenge relative to supply chain for products coming from Asia or Europe, or… well anywhere.
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