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I’ve spent a good amount of time on the range as a civilian and in the military, so I tend to be the one who is called on as the range medic. It’s a position I take seriously because safe training and making sure everyone gets to go home at the end of the day feels good.

The more realistic you train, the more benefit you will get from that training. So, there's a certain amount of risk involved with trying to become better at something as dangerous as fighting.

Anything worth doing is risky, so we need to anticipate the potential problems ahead of time and prepare for them appropriately so when an emergency does happen, we can react swiftly, confidently, and efficiently for the best possible outcome.



Early last year I was given the opportunity to fly out to the headquarters of Tactical Medical Solutions in South Carolina. This is the company that produces the SOF-T tourniquets loved by all. I’d used their products in the past with great success, so I was excited to collaborate with them on a Range Medicine video.

For a few days, I filmed with Dennis Lyons, a Special Operations medic. Dennis brought out the hyper realistic training mannequin used to train the combat medics in the US Army. These training simulators will do things like breath, bleed, and move. They are so lifelike, the eyes will even dilate and constrict in reaction to light.

Pretty cool if you ask me, but if you think so too, and want to pick one up, be prepared to shell out between $40-50k per mannequin…


Range Medicine Training Course


In this course, we went over a variety of topics to consider when out on the range recreationally, or as a firearms instructor.

The course spans 9 different lessons:

The Responsibility of the Firearm Trainer or Medic

Medical Response Plan

Appropriate Medical Gear

Allergic Reactions and Minor First Aid

Dehydration & Heat Exhaustion – Cold Injuries

Spalling Wounds

GSW – Extremity Trauma

GSW – Chest Seals

GSW – Wound Packing

This course is offered at the low fee of $2.00 to help with the production costs, but we wanted to share this information with as many people as possible and didn’t want price to affect the outcome of a bad situation.

The Range Medicine Training Course is best paired with the FREE Emergency Trauma Response Course, which will teach you the basics of bleeding control and how to use all the items in your trauma kit effectively.

Get more info below:

Emergency Trauma Response Training Course


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