Zebra Shot by Officers After Almost Ripping Off Ohio Man’s Arm

“I think he (the zebra) tore my arm off…send a chopper,” the victim told 911 dispatch…

03/13/23 Pickaway County, Ohio 5:36 p.m.

Sheriff’s officers were called out to a rural farm in Circleville after 72-year-old Ronald Clifton called 911 to report he had been savagely attacked by a Zebra.

The first officer was on scene quickly and positioned his vehicle in between the herd and the wounded man on the ground, but the cruiser’s driver side door was charged by an aggressive male zebra.


The deputy was able to drive the large animal away from the victim using the siren and air horn, but the hostile zebra kept returning and acting aggressively.

Meanwhile deputies applied a CAT tourniquet to Clifton’s left arm, which had been ripped open, just below the elbow, by the zebras’ teeth. Other deputies began to arrive and brought out shotguns in case the zebra threat escalated.

Which it did. The male Zebra, who was thought to be protecting a heard of nearby females, continued to approach the scene, despite being run off multiple times. Farm workers can be heard in the body cam footage warning the officers not to turn their backs on the zebra, and to shoot it if necessary.

NAR Combat Application Tourniquet C-A-T

Eventually, the zebra ignored the threats from the officers and approached too many times and was shot by one of the deputies.

Clifton was then transported by ambulance to Grant Hospital in Columbus where doctors were able to save the limb that had been torn apart by the protective zebra.

The Wrap Up!

The further you are from an ER, the more important it is that you have a trauma kit nearby. The average response time in the US is currently 7 minutes, according to a recent study, and up to 14 minutes or more in rural communities like the one in the story above. The study goes on to say that 1 in 10 emergency calls wait up to a half hour for EMS to arrive on scene.

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