Thin H Pressure Bandage is Gone! 9 Quality Replacements

9 Quality Options to Replace the H&H Medical Pressure Bandage

The Thin H Pressure bandage from H&H Medical has been discontinued! But don’t worry, there are plenty of options out there for bandages that will fill the same role. But what is a pressure dressing and what is it for?

What Are Pressure Dressings?

Pressure dressings like the Thin H are essential medical devices used to support the care of various types of wounds. These specialized bandages apply controlled pressure to the injured area, controlling bleeding, reducing complications, and improving patient comfort.

  1. Bleeding Control: Pressure dressings are an essential part of bleeding control in emergency settings in the hospital. Pressure dressings wrap around the limb and tightly hold wound packing material inside the wound where it compresses the artery and stops bleeding to save the victim.
  2. Swelling: Edema, or swelling, is a common response to tissue injury. Pressure dressings help manage edema by compressing the surrounding tissues, preventing excessive fluid from building up. This also helps to provide some comfort and pain relief. This is most often seen in sports injuries where the damaged limb is wrapped to provide extra stability, comfort, and to reduce swelling.
  3. Infection Prevention: Pressure dressings create a barrier that shields wounds from the environment and helps to keep the wound clean and reducing the risk of infection. In my experience as a medic, there is an additional benefit to covering the wound up to help keep the casualty calm. With the gore covered up the casualty won’t be quite as panicked.



Below are 9 excellent options that might fit what you’re looking for in a high-quality pressure bandage to replace the Thin H Pressure Bandage from H&H Medical:

What to Replace the Thin H with:

  1. Tramedic® Trauma Bandage
  2. FORWARD Compact Wound 4″ Compression Bandage
  3. NAR Mini Responder 4in ETD
  4. NAR Emergency Trauma Dressing (ETD)
  6. TacMed OLAES Modular Pressure Bandage
  7. Emergency Pressure Bandage (Israeli Style) by Dynarex

Pressure dressings like the Thin H play a pivotal role in bleeding control and wound healing. They are an ESSENTIAL part of any IFAK or trauma kit, both on and off duty. Because they are so important, it’s a great Idea to learn how to use them correctly so that you get the best benefit from your gear when you need it most. Many people are issue medical kits but aren’t given any knowledge on how to use it right.

Mountain Man Medical has anticipated and we have an online trauma class that is 100% free. It’s easy to watch the short videos by yourself or with a group to learn how to use tourniquets, chest seals, pressure dressings, and other important emergency gear.

Emergency Trauma Response Training Course

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