Biased, but Accurate: Why Medical Kits Are Better Than Guns for Self-protection

Let me start off this article by acknowledging my biased opinion.

I run a blog and YouTube channel dedicated to emergency trauma management for a website that sells trauma kits, so it would seem I have a vested interest in supporting medical kits over firearms when it comes to personal protection.

That said, I feel my opinion is justified because the points I have are good ones and might change your mind on which you should buy first.

The current social and political climate of America has caused a huge surge of brand-new gun owners who are scared they’ll be attacked, maimed and/or killed. Guns and ammo are nowhere to be found in stores because everything’s been bought up.

I’m right there with you. Life in America is even more weird then usual and that uncertainty has encouraged me to prepare as well.

I’m no stranger to, or opponent of firearms. I’ve been hunting and shooting since I was little. I joined the military young and qualified as expert in both rifle and pistol. After the military I shot in competitions such as IDPA, IPSC, and 3 Gun and have attended multiple schools teaching advanced combat skills.

I’ve seen a lot of bad things in my life, from violence, to all kinds of medical emergencies, and the one thing that stands out to me is how much more likely you are to have a medical emergency yourself, or be nearby to someone else who does.

The odds are much greater that you will need a medical kit instead of a gun. Violence does happen and I carry a firearm for protection as well. But in my personal experience, I’ve needed a medical kit far more times than I’ve needed a gun.

Your own experience may vary, but I’m willing to bet it’s the same for you.

Even if you do carry a CCW, violence is a risky business and you might need a medical kit to patch yourself until Law Enforcement and paramedics can arrive.

You could be the most accomplished shooter on the planet, but one bad choice or unlucky step and all your shooting skills are of little use, even if you win the gun fight.

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