An Extremely Biased Review: The Mountain Man Medical “Mass Casualty Trauma Kit”

Full disclosure: I’m the one that decides what gear should go in our kits. And if it isn’t obvious already, I receive a financial kick back for talking about the MMM kits.

But I’m also confident this is an excellent trauma kit full of top-of-the-line gear and priced better than any comparable kit on the market. I take a lot of pride in the value we offer, and it’s my hope that more trauma gear is placed where it can save more lives.

One of my favorite jobs during my career in the medical field has been teaching trauma classes to organizations looking to be proactive in preparing for a disaster, either natural or manmade.

The current social climate can make gathering for worship risky business these days with the common citizen frequently caught in the crossfire, sometimes literally.  Many congregations have taken it upon themselves to outfit safety minded volunteers with the ability to render aid to victims.

Companies are also beginning to think along these same lines of staging trauma gear for quick access, and at multiple locations throughout their facilities for the safety of staff and customers.

Domestic violence spilling over from the home to the workplace, disgruntled employees, and armed robberies being among some of the most common reasons for businesses to prepare trauma gear in advance.

The natural climate might also be an adversary as earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes create chaos and casualties, overwhelm current emergency systems, and delay transportation of the seriously wounded. A mass casualty incident (MCI) requires a little extra planning to ensure the most positive outcome for the maximum number of innocents.

The Mountain Man Medical Mass Casualty Trauma Kit is specifically designed using my experience as a medical responder to multiple MCIs.

My intent is for this kit to effectively handle between 2 and 6 seriously injured casualties. Every item is carefully chosen to control massive bleeding, trauma related breathing complications, and hypothermia.

This is so you can stop bleeding and keep the casualties warm and breathing until EMS can arrive on scene to whisk them away to the waiting open arms of the ER staff.

If you’re wondering how many kits you might need, here’s our recommendation:

  • 20-50 People: 1 Kit
  • 51-100 People: 2 Kits
  • 101-200 People: 4 Kits
  • 200+ People: 6 Kits
  • Add 1 more kit for every 100 people

The kits will arrive to you with the Osprey Molle Pouch with a First Aid Red Cross Velcro Patch for quick and easy identification of trauma gear. This pouch allows the kit to be carried to the scene of the injury, worn on a belt of trained staff, or staged in strategic locations for quick access.

The best gear in the world means nothing if you don’t know how to use it. This is why Mountain Man Medical is offering our Emergency Trauma Response Course for Free.

Completely free, no weird strings, hidden fees, or sketchy subscriptions.

Just an online course that will show you and your staff how to use the items in your new kits with a series of short, easy to watch videos.

For more tips, tricks, and more information, check out our YouTube Channel.

Mountain Man Medical realizes that organizations have different needs and may require different quantities or items. We’re happy to oblige when possible if you’d like to customize your order.

Included in the kit are:

The Osprey Molle Pouch with First Aid Red Cross Velcro Patch

2x TacMed SOF-T Tourniquets

2x Dynarex 4″ “Israeli Style” High-Pressure Dressing

4x Pairs of Nitrile Gloves*

1x Compact Trauma Shears

2x North American Rescue Hyfin Compact Twin Pack Chest Seals

1x Mini Black Permanent Marker

1x Dynarex Emergency Rescue Blanket

2x Pre-Lubricated Combat Medical NPAs

2x ChitoGauze 3″ x 4yrd PRO Hemostatic Dressing

2x Dynarex 4yrd x 2″ Rolled Gauze

1x Dynarex Triangle Bandage / Cravat

2x CPR Face Shields

The Mountain Man Medical Mas Casualty Trauma Kit

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