It’s Bodacious! The NEW Wind River Trauma and First-Aid Kit

We’ve been listening to requests to come out with a bigger, more robust kit capable of handling everyday medical annoyances like headaches and minor lacerations.

Trauma gear is vitally important of course, but fortunately not used on a day-to-day basis. More often, minor problems can take the wind out of your sails and make even small tasks a huge chore. Having a few basic items on hand to treat things like allergies, nausea, and small burns can quickly make you a hero with your friends and family.

The items I’ve included are carefully chosen from what I used daily as a corpsman and EMT. I like to keep a well-stocked kit in every vehicle, ready at a moment’s notice to save a life, or wrap a sprain.

The Wind River Trauma and First-Aid Kit is designed to treat multiple victims with dangerous injuries and is prefect for an organization like a church, school or business that wants to be prepared for both emergencies and basic first-aid.

One Wind River placed at each end of every floor keeps the kit close at hand and will keep someone alive long enough for EMS to arrive and take over.


The organizations that buy the Wind River have asked me where they can find training for their staff so everyone knows how to use the items in the kit.

Mountain Man Medical anticipated this need and is now offering our online course, Emergency Trauma Response, completely FREE. For everyone.

One training day a month with your employees, parishioners, or family members helps everyone to be on the same page and be an effective team member. Which is great because it just might be you they save.

If you find they’re getting bored with the same training month after month, the Mountain Man Medical YouTube Channel is full of other training topics and ideas for keeping everyone engaged and learning a skill that will benefit your organization or business, while still being able to take those skills home to protect their families.

What’s in It?

The Wind River is bigger than every kit we’ve developed so far and dwarfs both the Yellowstone and Sweetwater kits which are designed to treat one or two casualties at a time. More than that and resources of these smaller kits quickly run out.

Since the Wind River has substantially more trauma equipment, it can be used to treat multiple casualties.



Most medical problems don’t require the use of a Tourniquet. For those situations we’ve included a variety of first aid items to take care of any minor annoyances that might prevent you from being productive and happy.

Down below I’ve listed all the items included in the Wind River, but everything can be purchased separately if there’s you’d like to add it to your Yellowstone or Sweetwater.

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