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Why’d You Put That in Your Med Kits?

The Yellowstone Trauma Kit

Not everyone has a background in medicine and may not fully understand the wide variety of gear that’s available on the market. Those people tend to take me at my word that the items in the Mountain Man Medical kits are the best options for the widest number of situations.

Others have asked why I chose one product over another and their questions are completely justified. The market for medical gear is huge and getting bigger every day as new companies look for better methods and innovations for keeping people alive.

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Backorders and COVID-19 Status For Mountain Man Medical

This has been a trying time for us at MMM. Our product launch in February was widely successful (like 3x what we expected), but since then we've been fighting to get the inventory we need to make and ship the Trauma Kits sold.

As you know one of our core beliefs is that we don't reinvent the wheel. Our kits are comprised of name-brand components by trusted and proven companies such as QuikClot, North American Rescue, H&H Medical, and Dynarex. Most of these companies are experiencing tremendous impact from the current COVID-19 pandemic. (Example News Story)

When I say “impact” I refer to all of the following:

  • A tremendous increase in interest and order volume (Especially true of Dynarex but true of all medical suppliers)
  • An inability to keep up with manufacturing and or order fulfillment due to orders to send employees home or decrease the number of people who can work in the same space at the same time.
  • A challenge relative to supply chain for products coming from Asia or Europe, or… well anywhere.
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Trauma Emergencies and the COVID-19 Outbreak

Everyone is talking about it. Everyone. I haven’t had a single conversation in the last 3 weeks that hasn’t included something about the Corona virus outbreak. While not exactly the apocalypse, times are even more tense then usual and America is bracing itself to weather the coming storm.

The future is as unclear as ever and worried citizens are buying out stores and stocking up on survival essentials. Like toilet paper.

Likewise, law enforcement agencies and emergency medical responders are preparing for the worst, and hospitals are expecting to be swamped with pandemic patients.

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First Aid: Why People Die

I’ve had the opportunity to talk with a variety of medics, both in the military and civilian world. From EMTs, paramedics, ER doctors, special operators, fire fighters and first responders, and sometimes I ask why they chose their profession.

Some are in the medical field because they fell into it. But often, the answer I get for why they do such a difficult job is because at some point in their life, they witnessed a life-threatening injury and didn’t know what to do about it.

That feeling of helplessness while they watched someone, maybe someone they loved, struggle to stay alive drove them to pursue their profession. They wanted, badly, to help, but didn’t know where to begin.

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Your Life Depends on Where You Keep Your Med Kit

It confuses me that medical kits are often neglected. I’ve been in the medical world for a few years now and I’ve never had a hard time convincing someone that medical equipment is a good idea to have nearby.

But I still seldom encounter someone who keeps one nearby, even if they’re never more than an arm’s length away from a weapon. A large number of the people in my life don’t think twice about strapping up just to take out the garbage, but haven’t thought twice about having a quality medical kit in easy reach.

I get it. Tourniquets just aren’t as sexy as the latest Glock you’ve had your eye on, or that new combat folder you’ll probably only use to open Amazon boxes. Trust me, I get it because I’m the same way.

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A War Medic’s Tips for Avoiding Panic

Leap into action with a calm, but aggressive decisiveness.

It’s easy to understand that dealing with trauma is stressful. Emergencies are usually unexpected, and the surprise of a life-threatening injury can throw even a normally calm person into panic.

This is especially the case when you don’t have any training in first aid since you aren’t sure what to do. I know well what that particular feeling is like. I have been the one standing there looking at a life-threatening injury and not knowing what to do about it. It’s a terrible feeling and one I work to avoid whenever I can.

Fortunately, it’s possible to avoid that feeling of helplessness, and since it’s affected me so strongly, I’ve put a lot of thought into how it can be dodged. Here’s one technique for how to manage panic in an emergency.

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Free Medical Training at the Concealed Carry Expo in Kansas City

This year the USCCA's signature event, The Concealed Carry Expo returns and will be hosted in Kansas City from March 20th thru the 22nd.

Click here to learn more or register to attend but note pre-registration is not required.

For the first time, Mountain Man Medical will be attending the event and will be hosting some event official medical demonstrations.

Stop by booth 422 to see us and consider staying to watch one of our demonstrations.

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